Things I learned when I got dumped…

1. Trust In the Lord

It is easy to say, “oh just trust in the Lord, and He will get you through” but it’s a whole other thing for you to actually believe it and DO IT! He is beyond worthy of it no matter my circumstance, so who am I to with hold it? I have learned that it is in my great vulnerability that I am most likely to trust God more than ever before. Trust that He is working in your waiting and that when the situation is beyond your understanding that is exactly what He wants from you and is teaching you… TRUST.

2. God is jealous for His Beloved.

In my particular relationship, we were in a very serious place both planning and looking towards marrying the other in the near future, so it is unfortunately also safe to say that I lost sight of my First Love. I wasn’t at a fantastic place in my walk with God, it is as though we were at a stand off with one another in my mind, I knew He wanted my heart and I longed for His Presence….as though those two things were opposed or something! I was at a place where I desired a godly marriage and relationship with my boyfriend, but desired that more than God. He is jealous over the love and affection of His Beloved children, and will not allow idols to steal our affections from Him.

3. The weight of sin in losing sight of the First Love (Christ).

God allowed me to feel a little bit of the weight of sin in this trial and the pain of losing such a close relationship, by me losing the guy I first really cared for, I was able to feel a little fraction of the grief I had put my heavenly Father through. I am still reeling with pain over feeling betrayed by my first boyfriend, and if I, a human, am feeling this agony and betrayal and ……gosh I can only imagine a portion of what my sin has done to the heart of the Father.

4. I learned how to fix my eyes on Jesus

Let’s be honest, when the first guy you really care for leaves you…IT HURTS!!! No one is denying that! You can say the lil Christian bumper sticker phrases and sing the songs but….IT STILL HURTS! I am certainly not denying the pain of a heartbreak….but we have a choice each second…yes even if you were the one that got dumped….you have a choice. Our choices are: 1. Focus and fixate on the hurt and pain and feelings of betrayal or FIX YOUR EYES ON JESUS! You can certainly choose to be overwhelmed by your feelings (and believe me I went there too, stopped at the gift shop and got the t-shirt and chocolates) or you can choose to fix your eyes on the Savior. It doesn’t make you suddenly stop hurting, because that is going to happen, it just is… but you can choose to fixate on Him and not him….

5. You don’t have to spend your time trying to fix yourself.

Just don’t. People will tell you “you just focus on you” or “you do you”… thank you, I wasn’t not being me in the relationship so why would I not be me on the other side of it….but thank you for feeling obligated to say something…but NO we don’t need to fix ourselves because when you recognize #s 2&3 and actively choose #1&4, Jesus will do it in you! He is all that He says He is and He promises that the good work He began in you, He will bring to completion…so trust Him when He says it.

6. You still have the privilege of praising God.

The BEST place to worship God is in the middle of that storm. Sure it’s good on Sundays too, but having an honest, vulnerable heart before the Lord and worshipping Him in the valley…it changes you and brings Him glory. It may be through pain, in may be through tears, it may not make any sense to you right now (it doesn’t to me)….but I will worship my God, my King, Who is worthy to be praised! Do I have a big storm in my life, yes, but I have MY GOD and  I WILL WORSHIP HIM! He gets the most glory when I praise him in the valley and I am changed by Him most in the valley so it makes the most of it all and most sense to praise God in the valley! It doesn’t take the sting out of the hurt and broken heart…but it changes me, it restores me, it heals me and it works towards completing the process of salvation and sanctification. Worship is the pathway to being RESTORED in the presence of Most High God!

This isn’t some magical Christian bandaid to put on a broken heart…but this is all I can do and I know it’s not much, but it is my offering and I believe the Lord blesses that. I hope this helps you see God working for your good and for His glory in your broken heart, it helps mine to share!


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in a world where its hard to tell between the fake fake people and the real fake people...between fake hipsters and real hipsters...between a sweet talk and a true walk...between counterfeit and genuine... i'm seeking the genuine. it's a rare find and an arduous journey, but i am convinced it is worthwhile.

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  1. Oh babe… I really love this. A lot.

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